Our Commitment

Atoka Gold Corporation

Atoka Gold is a U.S. based, gold exploration company dedicated to the discovery of world-class gold deposits.  The company’s current focus is its Red Rock Canyon, 228 claim block, located in North-Central Nevada.

Redrock's Horse Mountain

Atoka Gold Philosophy

Arthur Leger, geologist and discoverer of gold in the area, is a mining veteran, who has spent over 40 years exploring and discovering world-class metal deposits.  With his involvement in three major gold discoveries, Arthur recognizes that major discoveries are more likely found by concentrating exploration efforts in the region where “gold elephants” are consistently discovered:  NORTH-CENTRAL NEVADA.

Based on the above philosophy, Atoka Gold will focus all current exploration activities on its Red Rock Canyon claims located in North-Central Nevada, the “Heart of Gold Country” and within one of the world’s major gold belts – The Battle Mountain and Eureka Gold Belt.

Even though the Red Rock Canyon property has very encouraging data with indications of possibly one or more gold deposits occurring in the area, investors must be reminded that gold exploration is a risky business and there is no guarantee of success.

Atoka Gold Committment

The management of Atoka Gold Corporation is committed to ensuring that our decisions and actions are initiated in the best interest of our shareholders.  The leadership team will strive to keep our shareholders well informed with accurate and consistent information.  It is the Corporation’s responsibility to manage all exploration projects with honesty and integrity and to be good stewards with investor funding.