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Doing Business Globally? You Need Gold, Not Dollars

Chinese yuan is backed by China’s gold.  The US dollar is not backed by anything. In a recent article by Steve St. Angelo, he discusses an announcement by China that they plan to start trading oil on their Shanghai Exchange in yuan, which will be backed by gold.  St. Angelo…

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Attention Canadians – We Have IPO Ready Gold Properties

  Atoka Gold offers an Initial Public Offering (IPO) opportunity to join in the potential discovery of multiple, large tonnage gold deposits at a moderately low risk and investment.  We have done all the leg work.  We have good management with a senior geologist at the helm, good property locations…

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Major Gold Feeder Identified within Roberts Mountains Formation

Does Roberts Mountains Formation occur on our Red Rock Property?  Yes, and we believe it is open-pitable.  During a recent review of rock/soil geochemical and gravity/CSAMT geophysical data, I noticed that rock and soil geochemical values for gold, arsenic, silver, mercury and zinc closely correlate with a gravity and CSAMT…

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